We are facing a huge collective awakening that is dismantling old relationship paradigms based on unconscious relating and inauthenticity, and moving towards paradigms of conscious relating (and ideally... authenticity)

However, not many people truly understand what this paradigm is about, and trade one inauthentic paradigm with another, by replacing the masks of conditioning with the masks of "conscious relating" (or other masks that are marketed as conditions for worth and lovability)

In our attempt to look for instructions that would guide us in navigating the challenges of the conscious relationship paradigm, instead of finding instructions and practical tools on how to fulfil them, we’re being handed unprecedented expectations and more masks to wear which instead of creating change, create more to heal from, and ultimately, begin a relational revolution because there is a huge gap between where we are, and what we’re being expected to create.

Relationship Revolution comes with the map you needed all along to understand the instructions of how to actually thrive in modern relationships, and what you're actually invited to learn in this paradigm.

This is a course created by someone that experienced the same loneliness and confusion in their journey of understanding why they were so bad at love. As it tuned out, I wasn't bad at love. We were just born in a paradigm that failed us - A paradigm that places immense expectations on us without telling us how to fulfil them. A paradigm that told us where to go without caring that we were unequipped to arrive at that destination, and without handing us the map on how to get there.

Relationship Revolution is a statement against relationship paradigms that failed us, because it's not only telling you where to go, but it's giving you the map showing you the steps on how to get there. And it's not trading one masks with another or one rule with another - it's helping you drop the masks and teaching you how to be loved exactly as you are.

Probably the biggest part that you wouldn't expect to find in an attachment healing course is for it to be the most comprehensive course on authenticity, but this is the part that wanted to come through this course that I have to confess... it is my favorite one. So if you are someone feeling called to embody your authentic self not only in relationships, but everywhere else, you are going to insanely love this course.

Shortly, this is the modern relationship + authenticity bible, not only handing you the map to successfully healing the blocks that keep you from creating the relational dynamics you desire and healing your insecure attachment style, but on top of that, it teaches you the biggest missing piece that I never found in any relationship work - how to keep not lose yourself in relationships, how to be your most authentic self in relationships, and how to co-create dynamics that feel true for you in a world that hands you inauthentic maps and shames you when you cannot implement them.


This course carries the map to being authentic in love and life.

Topics covered:


» How to access and embody your authentic self and no longer let your trauma self run the show in healing, life and relationships. Everything covered in the course is through the prism of authenticity which makes this course a treasure for those craving truth and authenticity, but not having a trauma-informed process to implementing it. Here, I teach you how to uncover your true self, and also how to own your authentic relational template rather than borrow inauthentic templates from the conscious relationship world

» My revolutionary perspective on attachment trauma and healing each insecure attachment style

» The only course you need that brings understanding between terms that seem easily scattered in the healing world: inner child healing, reparenting, attachment styles, nervous system, survival behaviours, etc. This is a revolutionary course that brings huge topics in a cohesive process translated in a digestible way that gives you a practical healing framework without burdening your system with redundant information

» Why trauma work was not enough to help me change my attachment styles and what was the missing piece to conventional attachment healing work

» A revolutionary practice that dissolves decades of emotional blocks in a few minutes

» What I most needed but no one taught me - how to no longer lose myself in relationships + how to stop implementing inauthentic relational templates and stand for relational templates that felt true for me. Because... conscious relationship advice often sounds like learning who we have to be and what masks do we need to wear to be loved

» Why trauma healing is not enough to shift our relational patterns


» Polarity in relationships - redefining feminine/masculine roles in a way where we muster the knowledge without wearing more masks

» Boundaries redefined

» Communication redefined

I am Sorina, a relational rulebreaker.

Trapped in my own trauma lenses, I needed years to find the missing piece to my relational suffering. Through a tedious trial and error process that I went through so that you don't have to, I uncovered the map towards relational success and healing, which was the perfect mix between correct healing tools, and a lot of rulebreaking.

Because you see - modern Psychology has a lot of catching up to do to provide the map to modern relationship success in a way that doesn't add more rules and more conditions of worth. The modern day conversation around relationships comes with the recipe for relational shame - a perfectionistic map for how things should be, a hyper-awareness over why we're struggling, and a lack of tools that should help us change our internal and external reality when it comes to our relational + attachment trauma.

This is not what you're going to find here - this is the place where shame stays at the door, where awareness is replaced with compassionate understanding over how you've survived, where managing your survival responses is replaced with practical tools to heal, and where rules are replaced with loving support as you uncover your relational truth.

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