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I believe that the reason why 99% of the healers and helpers that are running an online personal brand are struggling is because personal branding is overly simplified and not truly understood. There is nothing conventional or easy about running a personal brand, and this is where most have a hard time filling in the gap, because we are told “leading a brand by being yourself is the easiest thing possible”.

Except that it’s not - neither from a trauma-healing perspective, or a marketing perspective. As both a trauma-practitioner and a business mentor with 10 years’ experience in marketing, I am here to tell you that leading a personal brand is one of the hardest things one can do.

From a marketing perspective, when you are your business and your unique gifts are your services, you are running a deeply unconventional business model compared to the traditional business models where your programs would be separate from you, reason why the old conventional ways of marketing, selling, promoting, and manifesting simply do not work.

Therefore, selling, marketing, promoting, and manifesting in your personal brand as a healer can be deeply challenging because you can't look at what Coca-Cola does to sell and try to replicate that in your online coaching business as a healer (even more so, there are marketing strategies that have been recommended to me throughout the years that are extremely unethical like DM outreaches because to heal, people need to decide they want to do that rather to be forced to do it. This is what happens when we try to force marketing strategies that work for other business models onto a business model that is extremely different and personal)

From a healing perspective, when you are your business and your business is in healing/helping others, this is in my opinion the hardest business one could choose, because:

-      To truly manifest your desired results, you have to embody the work religiously. You can’t cheat on the energetic game by teaching one thing and being someone else behind the scenes

-      Your own healing becomes intertwined with your manifestation process/income, so this is the only business I know where your income is highly dependent on your inner work (opposed to a full-time job where your salary comes in regardless of how you feel/your self-worth)

And because personal branding is fairly new especially for coaches and healers because this business model becomes even more personal, there is still a lot of confusion, speculation, and winging it energy in regard to what it truly takes to market your business in a way that prioritizes soul and integrity but is also highly profitable.

I put the emphasis on the additional struggle that coaches, healers, and wellness practitioners face in the journey of marketing their business in a way that brings in profit because there is a stigma that adds shame to helpers and healers that want to focus on profit, too. There is a conditional paradigm that promotes the belief that if we’d truly care about people, we wouldn’t prioritize profit, and that is the reason why the majority of the fantastic practitioners I know are trapped in shame and under-charging for their life-changing work. I find this insane because look at how much work we need to put in to make this successful - the compensation is part of what makes it worth it and who says it can’t be trusted.

The good news?

Once you know the strategy that makes sense for this very particular type of business and pair that with the right energetics/inner work, it gets easier and easier. (One of my gifts is being an expert in both healing and marketing so you get both strategy and energetics within the same programs)

LEGACY is one of the few programs in the industry that brings together the expertise that can usually be found by having to hire more experts at once, because my unique expertise combines emotional healing, trauma-informed business mentorship, marketing & sales strategy, financial trauma healing (my modality), energetics & energy healing, and intuitive mentorship to help you truly access an integrative understanding of what it looks like to lead a personal brand as a soul-worker, the marketing/strategy needed to sell from the soul in a way that brings profit, how to make being you in your brand your superpower, not the roadblock, and how to become more than a healer - how to access and activate the powerful CEO/business expert archetype within you.

In Legacy,

I've created a complete coaching academy where I take you through my legendary approach that comprises the marketing strategy and the energetics that exploded my business and finally allowed for my gifts to be seen, be massively compensated, and attract collaborations that skyrocketed my income, including being in a magazine.

Most coaches believe that other people's success is a matter of worthiness.

And I am going to tell you the truth -

I have not built a multiple six figures business because I am a more worthy human than you are.

I simply made this money because I know the strategy that helps my income not be touched by my humanity.

Read that again -

Building a successful business is not a matter of worthiness -

It's a matter of strategy and knowledge of the right energetics that amplify the potency of your actions.

If you know me, you know how my soul shrinks even thinking about following rules and strategies that would restrict my freedom and would create unnecessary rules for success.

For a long time, this is how the marketing and business strategy I was trying to implement felt.

This created a continuous push and pull between my desire to uncover whether there were some principles I could apply to amplify the impact of my business, or if it was just a matter of waiting until it took off.

After rejecting all the inauthentic strategies and sticking to the belief that the only strategy I need is sharing free content until my impact expands, one day I shockingly realized that there were practices and principles I could have used in my business that I wasn’t aware of, and that my lack of strategy massively delayed my growth.

That moment was revolutionary in my business.

More so, because the strategies I discovered were not rigid rules to success. That’s what I’ve been running away from. They were business principles that intentionally directed my actions with the ability to amplify their potency, but always in full authenticity and fluidity.

I would never add more conditioning and wire you to create more rules to success.

I will, however, share with you the magnificent knowledge that I’ve discovered and implemented around the marketing and energetics that infuse intentionality and knowledge in everything you do in your business. Because without it, there is a lack of clarity, intentionality and focus. Without it - it all seems sustained by continuous effort that takes away from it sustainability.

In my own view, building a successful business is a beautiful dance between intentionality, knowledge, energetics and soul.

It’s never one or the other.

All intertwined bring the unique potent formula that hasthe power of creating a before and after in your business.

All intertwined come with the answer why nothing has truly quite worked before.



The coaching directory includes:

➢ The pillars needed to build a strong foundation in your business that makes selling effortless + attracts your ideal clients in a leaned back way

➢ Strategies to building an online community that buys whatever you’re selling

➢ Strategies to upleveling your business from just an Instagram account to a global brand

➢ Instagram 101 – creating your bio and mastering Instagram strategy to attract your soulmate clients

➢ Learning to master content creation and share your gifts in a way that magnetizes your clients

➢ Strategy and energetics that combines potent marketing principles which allow you to maximize your impact with less effort

➢ Energetic + strategy blocks to selling and calling in clients

➢ My process of manifesting clients

➢ How you can use my manifestation principles and my signature manifestation process to design a process that allows you to effortlessly manifest clients

➢ How to shift your business from being seen as charity and people following for your free content to monetizing your impact and being perceived as a potent leader

Hi, I'm Sorina,

a multiple six figure mentor and coach helping people all over the world in creating unprecedented levels of success and expansion with an embodied process that works.

My wildest passion is helping you create and own your unconventional success formula, earn money in the most aligned way and build unprecedented levels of abundance by being yourself and honoring your energy levels.