Feeling like the next level in your healing, financial reality or romantic relationships is always at arm's length?

Yes, we all consciously desire to experience goodness, ease and abundance in this life.

But many times there is a huge gap between where we say we want to be and where we actually are.

In time, this gap seems to get bigger and bigger, creating one of the three following scenarios:

In the best case scenario, we try to force or overwork our way into success, only to have one of the most terrifying realizations - we have what we desire and we are still not happy.

The most common scenario - with an infinite amount of willpower, we try to bulldoze our way into success and happiness only to notice that one step ahead takes us two (or more) steps backwards. On a surface level chronic anxiety and other protective behaviours (commonly known as self-sabotaging patterns) that are showing up seem to simply be detours that are not connected with our incessant attempts of attaining those goals.

In the worst case scenario, we give up, overwhelmed by the anxiety, fear and sometimes, the sheer terror we experience the moment we take the step in the direction of our dreams.

So why is it that it seems so hard to create the lives we desire and be happy? 

The short answer is this - We are not wired to be happy. We are wired to be safe.

The fear of success is real and most of the times, misunderstood.

When we fear success, we don’t necessarily fear succeeding.

We fear the next level.

As I say it, we fear the manifestation of our own desires. And not on a conscious level, but on a subconscious one.

We notice this fear through self-sabotage, achieving our desires and still not being happy, noticing one problem after another or being in a neverending inbetween and never feeling fully landed in the reality we desire.

These are the ways in which it feels like we are working against ourselves.

This is why - healing happens when we start working with ourselves.

When we understand our emotional blueprint formed from all of our self-protective behaviors, emotions and thoughts and hijack the survival mind, we can actually move beyond our familiar baseline.

This is why this is not a process where you negociate your way into healing. It's a process where you understand your own biology so that you can then rewire it.

This process helps you change your emotional blueprint so that you no longer unconsciously reject the next level.

When you are triggered, your perception is automatic.

See it as having a pair of self-protective lenses.

With these lenses on, the main purpose of your senses is to move you towards safety and away from danger.

Believe it or not, the racing mind, the drama cycles, the obsessive need to achieve your desires, and the emotional distress are many times just an attempt in which your system moves you away from a perceived danger.

Mindset work doesn't work here. Cause it asks you to try more with a system that sees you trying as you moving towards the fire.

That's why it backfires and it takes us two steps backward.

Being wired to avoid threats is not a conscious choice. It's visceral.

I know this may sound helpless but it's not.

Cause I am not making you aware without giving you the tool to change it (as many materials do).

There's a magic trick here.

When you change your emotional state and turn off these alarms, you have access to a new pair of glasses.

With new pair of glasses, achieving your dreams feels effortless.

Here, conscious desires create outcomes (as opposed to the self-protective lenses where conscious desires create conflict and self-sabotaging behaviors)

Choice returns. Excitement returns. The authentic you returns.

Yes, this may not make you superhuman.

But I swear sometimes it feels like it.

Learn how to register "the next level" as safe, so that you no longer push it away

Because many people choose to stay into the reality that's familiar due to the fear of the unknown, my unique approach merges human’s desire for safety and growth, supporting people in expanding at their own pace without creating overwhelm.

This work allows you to uncover who you were before the world told you who you should be.

Release who you’re not.

Embrace your desires.

Feel safe to not only land into your next level but

continue outcreating it.

Here’s the thing - I don’t believe that life is a lifelong healing journey.

I believe life is an ongoing expansion journey.

One where we’ll always lean into the unknown, so we might as well get good at it.

The process taught in The Next Level will be able to be applied in each new stage of your life.


In this self-paced container you are going to find the framework that helps you move beyond your fear of success:

Topics covered:

• Understand the fear of success

• Understand the core wounds that stop you from upleveling

• The intersection between the nervous system and our inability to move past our current patterns

• Understand your current patterns and how you are being "tricked" to stay in the familiar

• My unique framework to expansion that includes rewiring the blocks in our body - mind - emotions so that we can finally move past our self-protective patterns

• Break free from the emotional "addiction" to unhelpful patterns, dynamics and responses by changing your emotional blueprint and becoming familiar to peace, stability and success

• Learn to not only get to the next level, but enjoy it


• 12 modules with video + text + homework, walking you to the process. The video and text is complimentary, not identical

• self-paced manner: the success of the practice is not connected with a timeline. I encourage you to honor your speed and instead of creating urgency, I support you in moving beyond it. My work is anchored in the feeling of freedom and choice, so nothing feels mandatory!

Hi, I'm Sorina,

a trauma-informed business coach helping people all over the world in shifting their relationship with money and expansion through a body-mind approach.

Tired of not seeing results in my healing journey through mindset shifts only, I decided to decode the keys to lasting healing and transformation.

My unique approach combines the authentic wisdom revealed from my individual discoveries, the breakthroughs emerged while working with clients from all over the world, and science

This course comprises all my knowledge around the upper limit, our fear of success and the inability to move beyond past familiar states & realities.

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*this is a self-paced container that does not include 1:1 support