Your impact does not have to be directly connected with your energy levels.

In this journey we are going to decondition the paradigm that true impact can only happen through our live energy and direct support.

If you are like me:

You've realized that depending on your limited energy to create impact is creating constriction and a love-hate relationship with your purpose.

You're looking at others building empires while having infinite amounts of energy to launch and teach live and while you're dreaming to keep up with them, the moment you try to recreate their strategy, your body + energy levels say no

You want to find a new way of translating your soul's mission that doesn't always involve being on (this doesn't mean quitting coaching, it just means that we create passive income streams so that we can show up live because we want to + genuinely desire to, not because we have to)

In Leaned Back Legacy,

➣ You get to create a new way - one where you experience wild levels of abundance while leaning back

➣ The world gets to be served by your gifts + you get to receive messages with your course changed my life from your students even when you're not working

➣ You get to create massive levels of impact through self-paced courses and be supported by passive income while you're changing the world from a leaned back mode

Years ago, I found an email that was selling a self-paced course on money. I only had 100 dollars left from my corporate salary and the course was $99. In a moment of what I saw as insanity I decided to try something I’ve never tried – to take a leap of faith. So – I bought it.

The next day, I had my first client ever.

Even more so, it wasn't about what the course was teaching me but there was something about being in the energy of someone who made success so tangible that changed the game for me. 

Surrounded by people who were deep in scarcity, just listening to this course made me feel as if something more was possible for me, too.

That was the very first moment I fell in love with self-paced courses. And that was the energy I wanted to convey through my courses.

That whatever is possible for me, it is possible for you, too.

This course teaches you the energetics + logistics to how I generated over 6 figures in passive income through self-paced courses.

Imagine - 3 years ago I was at my corporate job, being overwhelmed by questions of “is this all there is to life” and now I am the CEO of a multiple six figures business that generates consistent passive income.

Remember - it was possible for me, so it can be possible for you, too.

What's inside

In this self-paced container you are going to find:

➢ 20 lessons with video + text

➢ self-paced manner: the success of the practice is not connected with a timeline, but focused on helping you understand your needs/honor your pace.

This is for you if:

➢ Your energy is limited (be it that you are a Projector, an empath or someone with limited energy for live interactions in general) so you want to create impact through your soul’s work without burning out every few months because you have to work

➢ You want to learn how to create extraordinary online courses from your soul and master the energetics of receiving passive income

➢ You are ready to get your hands (and eyes) on my step-by-step process to creating self-paced courses (even if you are a beginner)

➢ You are ready to do the work required to let it be easy (this is sometimes the most uncomfortable + challenging part)

What I teach you in Leaned Back Legacy

➢ Practical steps to choosing the topic of your self-paced course and dealing with choice paralysis

➢ Practical steps to creating your self-paced course

➢ The juiciest part – an insight into my own course creation process! I took you with you step by step on the way: from the moment I had the idea to create this course until the moment I created the actual course (you have 6 videos only on this)

➢ How to master the energetics + inner work needed to call in students in your online course, including how to decondition overachieving and become open to passive income

➢ Information on the platforms I use for course creation and tutorials on how to use them

➢ Q & A to your most burning questions asked on Instagram

➢ My most valuable marketing insights that teach you how to create viral content that converts including marketing templates: email, story and feed posts templates

➢ Course creation checklist that you can print in order to make the process streamlined

Hi, I'm Sorina,

a multiple six figure mentor and coach helping people all over the world in creating unprecedented levels of success and expansion.

My wildest passion is helping you create and own your unconventional success formula, earn money in the most aligned way and build unprecedented levels of abundance by being yourself and honoring your energy levels.