This is your portal towards financial liberation.

In this journey, we are going to break money trauma loops that run in your lineage and claim a new paradigm with money - One that allows you to completely break free from the limited possibilities that were handed over to you by your conditioning.

This is for you if

➣ You've tried shifting your money beliefs with affirmations, positive thinking or motivational talk but nothing helped you break through the money trauma loops you are finding yourself in

➣ You want a money manifestation process that is meant for humans, not robots. I will not tell you to hold your vibe high, I will give you a process that still works even if you are in a trauma loop, if you have a bad day and do not feel "high vibe"

➣ You are tired of manic manifesting from trauma and are ready to embody a new way of manifesting that feels supportive, leaned back and easy. You are tired to call in the life of your dreams without this process feeling so damn hard

You are ready to completely change the manifestation game and understand why standard "think positive, feel positive" approaches never work.

What's inside

In this self-paced container you are going to find:

➢ my Embodied Money Manifestation process to breaking free from money trauma through a body-mind-soul approach

My signature archetypes around spending, earning and receiving money to help you identify your own manifestation formula

Meditations that help you decondition your money fears

My most potent and actualized embodied money manifestation work that carries the value of 1:1 direct work as it was designed with my private clients over the past months

➢ My resistance melting tools that helped people manifest money in aligned and easeful ways

Hi, I'm Sorina,

a multiple six figure mentor and coach helping people all over the world in creating unprecedented levels of success and expansion.

My wildest passion is helping you create and own your unconventional success formula, earn money in the most aligned way and build unprecedented levels of abundance by being yourself and honoring your energy levels.

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