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A groundbreaking approach to
healing trauma by doing
"the work that works"

This is one of the most important pieces of work I’ve ever created. This is more than a program - it’s a journey towards true embodied freedom and the self-paced translation of my 1:1 emotional healing program.

Ever since it was launched, 
Embodied Emotional Liberation Manifesto has transformed the lives and businesses of people from all over the world beyond their wildest dreams and what they ever taught is possible by allowing them to finally find and implement "the work that works" - an approach to healing, tending to triggers and alchemizing suffering into liberation that they never found before.

You're meant for more than just an average life.

This is for you if

➢ You want to finally understand how to use emotions and triggers as a shortcut to fast growth & emotional liberation

➢ You are ready to finally move beyond wanting to create a new reality yet finding yourself in the same emotional & situational loops

➢ You are ready to get your hands (and eyes) on a revolutionary approach that changed the lives of hundreds of people from all over the world

➢ You are a coach that wants to have access to the most comprehensive & streamlined approach into trauma work and uplevel your work by becoming trauma aware (I am a trauma trained professional teaching you my embodied + unique approach to trauma healing)

➢ You are ready to stop DYI-ing your inner work journey and be stuck in confusion around the missing pieces to it and want to have one single place where I guide you towards the answers you need to truly see massive transformation

➢ You want to become trauma-informed

➢ You want to differentiate and leverage your work as a coach and to help your clients skyrocket their results

Hi, I'm Sorina,

a mentor and coach helping people all over the world in creating unprecedented levels of success and expansion in a way that works and that is science-based.

Tired of not seeing results in my healing journey through mindset shifts only, I decided to decode the keys to lasting healing and transformation.

My method called Authentic Roadmap Activation™ includes trauma work, energetics, neuropsychology, and it is shaped and sealed by my own intuitive knowledge and embodied experience of the work which helps people alchemize resistance and break even through the most resistant self-protective subconscious blocks, and it is used as a framework in Embodied Emotional Liberation Manifesto.

Personal responsibility disclaimer

By purchasing this package, you are agreeing that the practitioner cannot and is not capable of doing your work for you. Results are dependent on you doing the work and taking personal responsibility for your situation. There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges to this program.