Your passion was slowly replaced by dread,

Your momentum was slowly replaced by stagnation,

Your inspiration was slowly replaced by obligation,

Your hope was slowly replaced by hopelessness -

And then, everything changed.

Suddenly, the only thing that was certain was that nothing used to be the same.

The rules have changed, and we’ve been thrown into the unknown without instructions on how to navigate it.

This was the way in which we were initiated into our very own metamorphosis - or spiritual awakening in business.

Metamorphosis is not your usual course - it's a journey. It's the journey behind the scenes of my own metamorphosis and the process of how I moved from taking a break from my purpose to reconnecting with it in a new-paradigm way, the process of how I metabolized this extreme change, and the instructions that I have come to receive in the form of unfiltered video journaling that resembles more a vlogging type of experience than curated teaching experience (picture chatting with you while putting on make-up).

This is a human-to-human safe space where we get to be in the unknown together as coaches and creatives, and where the biggest magic lies in the shared experience of this metamorphosis. So while I may use some examples from the coaching space - I believe this is an incredible creatives with a social media business.

This is a dynamic course since I will still be adding modules to it until I cover all of the themes and revelations as I embody and understand them.

So far, the course contains 6 modules on themes I have already navigated, with more modules to follow.

What I cover

⋙ The exact fears, doubts, revelations and integrations I had throughout the whole process from seeing that no longer worked as it once did, to the process of understanding what was my role in this whole journey, and to reconnecting with my purpose (step by step) in the form of 6 modules with video + text, alongside the other upcoming modules that will be added

The modules that will be added will cover:

  • How what we've done so far led to burnout. How I've navigated and healed burnout
  • How I've restructured my business after my own metamorphosis
  • What are the changes that this collective spiritual awakening is bringing in the coaching industry and in the process for content creators sharing their voices online
  • Rewiring how the nervous system sees the unknown

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