In this self-paced container you are going to find my framework that helps you truly embody emotional liberation:

The course contains:

➢ 14 videos + text + worksheets, walking you to my process of embodying emotional liberation

➢ self-paced manner: the success of the practice is not connected with a timeline, but focused on helping you understand your needs/honor your pace.

And it supports you to:

➢ Understand how you store emotional blocks and how clogged emotions stop you from living up to your biggest potential

➢ Learn my systematic approach of how to release emotional blocks and how to become an embodied human & coach

➢ Embody emotional liberation by deciphering the language of your body & clearing stored emotional blocks

➢ Cultivate emotional intelligence through the most complex understanding of emotions based on my own experience with healing intense emotional reactivity and trauma around emotions

➢ Learn my own shortcut to melting the resistance that stops you from processing emotions

➢ Learn how to gain emotional liberation by working with both opposite adaptations: numbness or intense emotional reactivity

➢ Learn how your attachment style influences the blocks you have around emotions and how to heal based on your attachment style

➢ Learn how to change your emotional blueprint and how to shift emotional addiction (the bodily addiction to familiar emotions i.e. anxiety, sadness)

➢ Learn how to rewire positive emotions in your nervous system so that you can fully be a match for the abundance you’re calling in

➢ Learn how to use triggers as portals to transformation and alchemize your shadow

➢ Embody and master nervous system work & become atrauma-informed coach


In this self-paced container you are going to find the framework that helps you move beyond your fear of success:

Topics covered:

Understand the fear of success

Understand the core wounds that stop you from upleveling

The intersection between the nervous system and our inability to move past our current patterns

Understand your current patterns and how you are being "tricked" to stay in the familiar

My unique framework to expansion that includes rewiring the blocks in our body - mind - emotions so that we can finally move past our self-protective patterns

Break free from the emotional "addiction" to unhelpful patterns, dynamics and responses by changing your emotional blueprint and becoming familiar to peace, stability and success

Learn to not only get to the next level, but enjoy it


12 modules with video + text + homework, walking you to the process. The video and text is complimentary, not identical

total video content: 160 minutes - content is concise, clear and very practical

self-paced manner: the success of the practice is not connected with a timeline. I encourage you to honor your speed and instead of creating urgency, I support you in moving beyond it. My work is anchored in the feeling of freedom and choice, so nothing feels mandatory!

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The courses are self-paced, which means no individual support is included.