“Success in the mess™” is the tagline of my company, the motto of my work ,and the reason why I’ve created a successful multiple six figure business while experiencing + healing complex trauma.

This is beyond just a catchy tagline - it’s a philosophy. The philosophy that breaks the conventional paradigm of success we’ve all been presented so far, where perfection in all forms was a condition for success.

Us, the humans that I call “the disruptors” are the ones that desire success (in our own authentic definition) but find it impossible to chase and achieve perfection as a condition for it.

However, what I discovered in my work with hundreds of clients is that while we have the desire for this paradigm, we may find it hard to embody it or translate it in our physical reality. Science + embodied experience allowed me to understand why that happens: it’s because it is a million times easier to pave an un-walked road when we have a mentor that has already done it before. As I said, this is not only a supposition, it’s science - we are coded to stay in the familiar, to seek sameness and to find common ways for success even if those ways do not work for us. This is why this course was created with this intention in mind - to offer you the unconscious expansion that will make it a million times easier for you to own your own flavor or success, embody it, make it work and release resistance with the speed of light!


Who are The Disruptors?

The Disruptors are the people that do not seem to be successful in the conventional paradigm of success - the one trading truth for money, ease for hustling, integrity for cash, and authenticity for performance.

And it’s not like you haven’t tried…You’ve tried subscribing to that paradigm time and time again, until your soul screamed “no”. That no showed up as burnout, exhaustion, procrastination, self-sabotage or simply… a lack of desire to even pursue the dreams you were so passionate of in the beginning. It also showed up through the fact that the more you’ve tried, the less it worked.

The world didn’t know why you’re here so the only way to understand why nothing worked was to shame you:

“Try more”

“You don’t want it bad enough”

“You’re not cut out for it”

All of these shaming statements are realities that disruptors experience regularly simply because they are different. Unfortunately, the world is still an unsafe space for us. Even the self-development world.

My deepest mission as a Disruptor is to help you replace your shame for belonging.

Because, you see,

When we bought into the old paradigms, we believed them. We thought "if only I would fix myself, I would succeed, too". So we self-censored, covered our truth, and tried to model paradigms that amplified the internal conflict. We truly believed it's us that are wrong, not the paradigms. We talked ourselves out of our inner guidance.

Until the internal noise got amplified and we could no longer silence it.

And what seemed like our breakdown, was our breakthrough.

In the integrated paradigm we are here to lead, we recognize that we were never wrong, to begin with. It was the measurements that we tried to fit in that felt caging. Our truth was right - and we are here to turn the reasons why we were told we can't make it into the reasons why we will make it.


In this self-paced container you are going to find the framework that helps you turn the reasons why you thought you won't be successful into the reasons why you will be successful:

Topics covered:

17 modules going through:

  • common shadows for Disruptors and Projectors: feeling slower, not having enough energy, feeling inadequate/not good enough for success, feeling less than others, being trapped in comparison
  • how to transmute our shadows and use them as the reasons WHY we succeed
  • why other courses/programs didn't help you succeed
  • how to find your own authentic success formula
  • how to uncover our own alignment themes + our path to success
  • my own story shared in a way that expands your unconscious mind and released your resistance - how I implemented the exact principles I teach to create a successful business without financial privilege
  • how to use your nervous system to support you in embracing your success formula
  • identify the patterns that slow down success/reframe how you integrate them to move faster
  • how to begin healing your rejection wound and make choices aligned with your true self rather than your survival self

I am Sorina, a Disruptor just like you.

I see myself as the embodiment of unconventional success, since success was never quite written in the cards for me. Born and raised in Romania, with complex emotional trauma and a big chunk of financial trauma, I never imagined I will succeed. I always felt too unmotivated, to traumatised, too slow, and generally, I never felt like I had what it takes to achieve the vision of conventional success I was sold early on. My business got revealed to me and slowly, I began embodying a definition of success that even took me by surprise - I still remember checking my sales tracker and realizing I am a multiple six figure business owner and that… I did it my way (the story is within the course).

I was shocked to realize that I never had to change the core of who I was, but actually, I became more of who I am on the way to success. That I kept being my imperfect self, and that… it worked. In this course, I reversed engineered the steps, frameworks and ways of thinking that got me here, and I’ve created it all from the belief that we can all take the reasons why the world told us we won’t be successful and turn them into the reasons why we actually become successful, in our own way. 

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