Are you ready to have the tools that will finally help you heal?

Truth is - Sometimes the tools that we want to use are not the tools that are meant to heal us.

Many of us truly heal long after we decide we want to heal.

This happens because the tools that are trauma-informed, and, that work with releasing trauma from a body level, are not yet widely known.

However, trauma is stored in the body and is healed at the same level where it’s stored – by working with the body.

When there is a history of unhealed trauma, we get stuck in a trauma loop. This means that until we heal, that loop will go on and on like a broken record because our protective parts, the parts within ourselves that are automatic and subconscious, do not know that the traumatic event is no longer occurring in the present moment.

These protective parts don’t understand words or cognition. So we can spend years trying to implement the same types of mind-level tools when what we need is much deeper.

This course sums up healing in the most practical and succinct way possible. It allows you to learn how to understand and practice healing with your body in mind.

Home in your body is a self-paced online course container build in mind with people like you, and, like how I used to be. This program is revolutionary for those who have tried to talk their way into healing but find themselves stuck years later. I know how it feels to be stuck and hopeless, and I made a promise to teach people what works.

I strongly believe that my biggest superpower here is the fact that I have been through many of these blocks and I know all the places we can get stuck on – so I teach how to overcome any of our minds’ resistance with them. I know why your mind would say “But that won’t work” and I always share with each practice the argument that say “This is why it does work”.

Most of my clients see me after being stuck for a long while and within a few weeks, a new world of possibilities unfolds.

So I invite you to take a moment to imagine what’s possible for you... 

-What would it be like to wake up each morning feeling like you are hopeful and feel so safe inside and in your body that you no longer need things to be perfect in order to feel good?

-To navigate relationships with ease and joy (yep, even when your partner is not perfect)?

-To no longer struggle to make it day by day, to not have the tools, to think you’ve healed and then to see that old pattern again and to feel hopeless once again?

I want you to know that you can really feel safe within, and that nothing feels quite as dysregulating and intense when you do.

When we’re unsafe within, the world is a mining field.

When we're safe within, the world is our playground.


In this container you are going to find the 101 guide to nervous system healing. The first part of the course teaches you everything you need to know about the autonomic nervous system and the nervous system states that we need to work with in order to get unstuck – all of this through the Polyvagal Theory lens and backed up by science on why it works.

In the second part I have included a 5-week step by step guide to reconnecting with your body, gaining inner safety and the practices that show, now only tell your nervous system that you are now safe and you can move from surviving to safety. Each practice taught is easily explained and is 5 minutes long as the goal is to use the right tools in the efficient way, not to overwhelm ourselves with endless practices.

We talk about healing practices, soothing tools and then integration. This is the full process that I use with my paying clients.

The third part of the course includes lots of self-soothing tools meant that help with the nervous system reset and equip you with the tools to activate your body’s healing processes.

Easily said, this program helps you go to being in a state of dysregulation and inner unsafety to feeling safe inside and in the world by working with the nervous system and by activating your body’s super healing powers.

Hi, I am Sorina.

After working with tens of clients, I understood that we are more similar than we think yet we may all suffer in shame and silence, thinking that we don’t make sense.

I am here to show you that when you understand your nervous system you also see all in the ways in which you make sense, and my goal is to help you build your own map that takes you back home to yourself.

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