Sorina, the founder of MindfulTricks, is a trauma-informed business mentor helping people from all over the world in creating the businesses and lives they desire by moving beyond their familiar limit.

Tired of not breaking through her patterns no matter how much she tried, she decided to decode the formula to fully accessing unprecedented levels of joy, safety and expansion. Her revolutionary approach helps people upgrade both their physical reality and their emotional worlds, to ensure that they get to create businesses and lives that look good, and feel good too.

Combining a unique mix of trauma-informed tools and intuitive knowledge resulted from her own story, her approach merges human’s desire for safety and growth, supporting people in fully landing into their next level without being held back by their past.

She truly believes the past doesn’t get to determine the future and supports clients and students in creating unprecedented success regardless of their life stories.

Important note
Refund policy for our school: there is a no refund policy for any and all of our courses.